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Begin Self-Publishing Podcast

Learn how to self-publish and market your book on the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast

Jun 28, 2015

There are a huge number of E-book stores apart from Amazon. Outside the US and the UK, Amazon are not the dominant player in E-book distribution, so to limit yourself to Amazon is not a good idea from an international perspective.

In this episode I talk about two "aggregators", Draft2Digital and Smashwords and the...

Jun 28, 2015

In this episode I take you through why you might want to self-publish an eBook first in most cases. I also take you through the ways you can create an eBook via using a tool like Scrivener or via Word. Scrivener is the tool I use and is a fantastic tool for planning and organising writing as well as for...

Jun 26, 2015

In this first episode I start off with the slightly provocative statement:

Self-Publishing is Easy

Of course, what many people describe as Self-Publishing is not in any way easy. Writing a book is not easy - it is a lot of work. Marketing a book is not easy. But in my mind neither of these is the essence of...