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Begin Self-Publishing Podcast

Learn how to self-publish and market your book on the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast

Apr 27, 2016

As I hinted at in previous shows I've been away for 10 days both on holiday (or vacation as the Americans like to say) and at a major Marketing conference, Social Media Marketing World arranged by Social Media Examiner, in San Diego in California. I've only just arrived back a few days ago and due to Jet Lag...

Apr 20, 2016

It's been a while since I had a look at the Reedsy Book Editor (in my episode on 17th February) and I'd thought I'd re-examine it and update you on the progress on the product. I did slightly rush to review it when it came out so I think it is only fair that I do a brief show every now and then to see how they are...

Apr 13, 2016

You often hear the question, when should you self-publish, but I think we are almost getting to the point where self-publishing is such a norm that the real question should be when should you go with a traditional publisher?

I attempt to answer that question. For me there are still several valid reasons to go with a...

Apr 6, 2016

In this episode I tell you about my recent (very soft launch) of Magpies and Magic 2 : The Great Escape and the fact that not for the first time I've done so many things wrong.

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